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Financial issues are one of the biggest sources of stress people face, and it's never easy when you have bills to pay but you're short on cash. It can keep you up at night wondering what you're going to do, and ignoring the problem will only make it worse. That's where title loans in Warren, OH come in handy. These loans are easy to get, as you only need to own a car with a lien-free title and you can get one. The application process can be completed same day, and if you have bad credit, that's fine, because there's no credit check to get a title loan.

Here at Mancell Title Loans, we wanted to improve the application process even more for consumers. That's why we created a quick, simple online application for title loans Warren. You'll find that application right here on our site, and it only requires a bit of basic information. Start by clicking in the form and entering the following information about the car you plan to use as collateral for the title loan:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Approximate Mileage

The rest of the application just requires the following contact information:

  • Your full name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address

That's all we need, and the entire form likely won't even take 30 seconds of your time. Once you submit it, we can figure out how much your car is worth to come up with a title loan estimate and preapprove you for your loan. We'll tell one of our friendly Mancell Title Loans representatives to get in contact with you, as well. The representative can answer any of your title loan questions and arrange a time for you to visit us and get the money.

As far as what you'll need to bring with you to get the loan, the requirements are much more relaxed than they would be with a bank loan, where you'd need all kinds of financial documents. All we need to check is your government-issued ID to make sure you're 18 or older, and your car to verify its value. We also need to hang on to your car title as collateral over the term of the loan. After you repay your loan, you'll get the title back.


We know it's frustrating for consumers when time is of the essence and they're trying to find title loans Warren, but they get listings for title loan companies that aren't even near the city. After all, a title loan isn't nearly as convenient when you're driving a long distance to pick it up. Fortunately, that's not a problem when you select Mancell Title Loans, because we have our office right here in Warren to make things easy for our customers. You can get here quickly whether you drive over on surface streets or the freeways, and there are quite a few parking options near us.

Once you come in, a Mancell Title Loans representative can help you and guide you through the paperwork. Don't forget to tell them if you entered your information into our online application form and received preapproval on your loan. After the paperwork is completed and signed, we'll use a value guide and a brief vehicle inspection to confirm the current market value of your car, which is how we decide the amount we can lend you. Then, we just need to get your car title and we can provide your title loan. How long can you expect to be here? We usually have customers in and out within the hour, and you'll be leaving with cash in your wallet.

How It Works

Your title loan is what's known as a secured loan, which is the term for loans that have property attached as collateral. You'll use your car as the collateral, but you still have your car while you're paying off your loan, while the lender will have your car title.

Although there are several laws governing title loans, the only important federal regulation is an age minimum of 18 for all title loan borrowers. Besides that, the federal government has given states the authority to set their own regulations on title loans. For title loans Warren, the regulations set by Ohio will apply.

There is no maximum on how much you can borrow for title loans in Ohio so that will depend entirely on the value of your vehicle and how much the lender is willing to loan you. The typical monthly interest charge is 25 percent, and the standard loan term is 30 days.

If your payment due date is approaching and you don't have the money to pay off your title loan, you can also roll it over, which is a term for a loan extension. To do this, you pay at least the interest you currently owe on the loan, and then you take any unpaid loan principal into a new term with another interest charge. Although you spend a bit more when you do this, it's a convenient option if you want more time to pay back your loan.

Failure to fulfill your title loan contract constitutes a default, and the most common way to do this is not making your title loan payment on the due date. If this happens, the lender can legally repossess your car. After that, they can sell your car to recoup what you owed.

Repossession is rare when it comes to title loans, and lenders would rather avoid that outcome because it results in a negative experience for customers, plus it's an inconvenient process. If you're having any payment issues, the smartest thing to do is get in touch with your lender right away and talk to them about your options. Lenders can often find a solution that works for both of you, such as an extension on the loan.

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